Accommodations on Cozumel

Where to stay on Cozumel?

Accommodations on Cozumel

Accommodations on Cozumel

Accommodations on Cozumel: A variety of possibilities

Visitors can choose from a wide range of accommodations on Cozumel. Everything is available, from exclusive All-Inclusive resorts directly at the beach, nice hotels in the village to simple hostels and private appartments. It is recommended that you choose your accommodation on Cozumel according to your preferences and your personal budget. 


Hotels in the Zona Hoteleria in the south of Cozumel

The mayority of the All-Inklusive resorts are located in the Zona Hoteleria del Sur south of the island, far outside of San Miguel. That is why you will need a taxi to leave the resort or at least an own mean of transportation. Ways more central are the hotels at the south end of the city, also situated directly at the ocean. Most of them do not have All-Inclusive offers. But who needs All-Inclusive, if this city offers so many delicious and priceless options to eat.


Hotels in San Miguel de Cozumel

Cheaper but nice are the places in San Miguel de Cozumel. With the money you will save here you can rent your own transportation and discover the island. This is the most flexible way to discover the island and to undertake different activities.


Hotels in der Zona Hoteleria im Norden von Cozumel

For a complete description the Zona Hoteleria Norte should also be mentioned. Nice hotels can be found here as well. Those accommodations are all closed to the city. At the same time they have sea access and most also have a nice beach. Usually the hotels are nice but do not have All-Inclusive offers (apart from the Melia in the very North). Even if the beaches in the north are nice, they are not comparable to the beaches in the south. Nevertheless the north offers more flexibility. 


Organisation of a suitable accommodation on Cozumel

We would like to support you in finding nice accommodations on Cozumel. The best way is to contact us directly. We can consult you with all your questions around your stay on Cozumel. Find a suitable accommodation and enjoy your stay on Cozumel!

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