Cruise ships on Cozumel: Shore excursions

A stay on Cozumel is very popular for cruise ships, because of its many famous attractions. Conveniently located near Miami, Belize, Jamaica and Cuba, Cozumel is an integral part of Caribbean and Central American cruise routes.  The island is now the largest cruise ship port in the region, with over 3 million visitors annually.

For many cruise ship guests, Cozumel is the first contact with Mexico.  Various Cozumel shore excursions give a great impression of the culturally rich country of Mexico. Cruise excursions on Cozumel offer something for everyone, whether you are interested in Mexican culture and history, or the coral reefs and beaches. Listed below are some of the best Cozumel shore excursions in English. You can also find helpful information below about the Cozumel cruise port and the island of Cozumel in Mexico.

Information on the cruise port of Costa Maya and Costa Maya shore excursions we give on our page Costa Maya Excursions.

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Cozumel Shore Excursions

Our Cozumel shore excursions are private tours or excursions in small groups with English speaking tour guides. The Cozumel cruise excursions are also available in other languages icluding French, German or Italian. On request, we can offer each of the shore excursions on Cozumel as a private tour. Discover the Cozumel history of the Maya, the culture of the island and its people, secluded Cozumel beaches, fascinating lagoons, and much more during your unforgettable time on Cozumel.

Cozumel Shore Excursions – Where to book?

Cozumel shore excursions

You can either book a Cozumel shore excursion directly on the ship or at a local operator such as Leon Tours. We have many years of experience with cruise ship excursions of the major cruise companies on Cozumel such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean and have personally guided many of these tours. With Leon Tours Cozumel, we would like to use this expertise to offer high-quality Cozumel excursions, in small groups with reasonable prices, to give an unforgettable holiday experience on Cozumel.

High quality Cozumel Shore Excursions

Our Cozumel shore excursions take place in personal and intimate surroundings. This makes it easier for us to respond to individual wishes, answer questions about the country and its people, and to flexibly adapt our tours.

Particularly during high season, between November and April, Cozumel can get very busy. Seven to nine ships a day are not uncommon. Many shore excursions on Cozumel are fully booked or crowded. Dealing with vendors during your vacation can be quite stressful. That is why it makes sense to book your Cozumel shore excursion before the cruise. 

Many guests of the cruise ships are worried that they won’t be back on time, so they prefer to book their Cozumel shore excursions on the ship. We can adapt our tours wherever possible, to the cruise ships times. If an excursion offered by us does not fit the ship’s schedule, we will gladly help you to organize alternate excursions.

Royal Caribbean Cozumel Shore Excursions

With Leon Tours it is possible to organize some of the Royal Caribbean shore excursions on Cozumel with a local operator

Carnival Caribbean Cozumel shore excursions

With Leon Tours it is possible to organize some of the Carnival shore excursions on Cozumel with a local operator

Our benefits

  • Local Cozumel shore excursion with the best local knowledge and experience
  • Small groups
  • Personal care, high individuality and flexibility
  • Tour guides with certifications in archeology and history of Mexico
  • Meeting points closed to the cruise ship piers
  • Back to the ship in time
  • Only low deposit required to secure the booking (Many big online-vendors require the whole excursion fee upfront.

We are happy to answer any questions about your cruise stay on Cozumel.

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Cozumel Port for Cruise Ships

Cozumel has a total ofthree cruise ship ports, which can accomodate up to seven ships per day. If more cruise ships arrive on Cozumel, the ship stays in the ocean and the guests are brought to Cozumel by smaller boat. Most of the cruise line companies have their permanent cruise port on Cozumel, but this can change at short notice. You should inform yourself of the final port before leaving your cruise ship. Basically, the English-speaking ships of Carnival arrive into the Cozumel harbor, Puerta Maya. The ships of Royal Caribbean arrive into the Cozumel harbor called International Pier and the European ships of MSC come to the Cozumel harbor of Punta Langosta. Here is an overview of the each port. However, the respective port on Cozumel can vary, especially on busy days, if more than seven cruise ships arrive at Cozumel.  

Cruise ship port Cozumel Punta Langosta

Port Cozumel Punta Langosta

Punta Langosta is the only cruise port on Cozumel right in the city center of San Miguel de Cozumel. It can hold two cruise ships. The port belongs to the Mexican government. This is where the cruise liners of the Disney Cruise Lines, the MSC Cruises and the Norwegian Cruise Line dock. The Cozumel Cruise Port, Punta Langosta, is very close to where you would catch the ferry to Playa del Carmen, which is located on the mainland.

Cruise ship port Cozumel International Pier

Port Cozumel Royal Caribbean

The Cozumel cruise port, International Pier, belongs to the Royal Caribbean Organization and has space for two cruise ships. It is located outside the city center. There are numerous shopping opportunities in the harbor for guests of the Cozumel cruise ships. The ships docking at Cozumel International Harbor include the largest cruise ships in the world, the Oasis class, the Freedom class and the Voyager class. If you wish to visit Playa del Carmen, you would have to take a taxi to the ferry terminal. The taxi journey takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

Cruise ship port Cozumel Puerta Maya

Port Cozumel Carnival

The Cozumel Port, Puerta Maya belongs, to the Carnival Cruise Line and can hold three cruise ships. This Cozumel harbor offers countless shopping opportunities for cruise passengers on Cozumel. Cozumel Puerta Maya is normally used by cruise liners of the Carnival Cooperation shipping companies, such as Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, AIDA and Costa Deliziosa Cruise. Cozumel Cruise Port Puerta Maya is next to the Cozumel Cruise Port, International Pier.


  • Cozumel has three cruise ship terminals
  • It is advisable to book Cozumel shore excursions online
  • There are a variety of Cozumel shore excursions for different ships
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0052 - 19 841 42 61 53

Do not hesitate to call

0052 - 19 841 42 61 53

Contact via WhatsApp

Cruise ships on Cozumel: Shore excursions
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Cruise ships on Cozumel: Shore excursions
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