Cozumel diving: World class coral reefs

Diving in Cozumel: World class coral reefs

  Cozumel Diving
The spectacular dive sites of Cozumel are among the best in the world. Even the famous underwater photographer Jacques Cousteau declared Cozumel is part of the most beautiful dive sites worldwide. The second largest barrier reef in the world runs along the coast of Cozumel and is easily accessible by boat. Very close to the island one experiences huge coral formations, massive steep walls and great tunnel systems while diving on Cozumel. All Cozumel dives are drift dives. Float along the beautiful coral walls and reef formations. With some luck, discover eagle rays, sharks or marine turtles. Whether it's a steep wall, tunnel systems or shallow coral reefs, Cozumel has a diverse range of dive sites for beginners, advanced or expert divers.

Our Cozumel dive excursions to the Palancar National Park

Cozumel Diving: Green Turtle

Cozumel Diving: Green Turtle

Cozumel dive excursions to the Palancar National Park include two dives. Our diving trips start at 9:00 am in the morning - usually from the port "Fonatur". At around 2 pm you will be back from your Cozumel diving. Both of the dives during our Cozumel dive excursion take about an hour – depending on the air consumption. The ride to the national park in the south of Cozumel is about 40 minutes. That is where the famous dive sites are located.
On our way we have enough time for a detailed briefing with general information about diving on Cozumel and further important things to know for your first dive. We also set up your equipment together. The first dive usually takes place at the Colombia or Palancar reef in the National Park. We dive along beautiful coral walls, enjoy the cristal clear water and look for marine life. After the surface interval of one hour in front of the beautiful Palancar beach we begin with our second dive. This one will be a bit shallower and differs significantly from the reefs in the south. On our second dive we usually see many fish and marine life. All dives on Cozumel are typical drift dives. Our dive masters explain in the briefing, how you can drift relaxed. Diving on Cozumel is sure to be one of the best diving experiences you've had so far.  

Our Cozumel diving excursion includes:

  • 2 dives in the famous National Park of Cozumel
  • Experienced instructor or dive master, English speaking
  • National Park fee
  • Water and fruits
  • Equipment extra 15 USD per day
  • Nitrox tank extra only with Nitrox certification 10 USD
  • Discount for several booked dive trips
Price: 89 USD. For more information write us a message.                   Enquiry

Our popular Cozumel diving excursions in small groups

Cozumel diving

Cozumel diving

Leon Tours Cozumel makes the diving on Cozumel very individual. All of our dives on Cozumel are in small groups with private atmosphere. Our instructors live on Cozumel and know the dive sites very well. They will ensure to make your dive excursion on Cozumel an unforgettable experience. Before each Cozumel dive you will receive detailed information about the particular dive site on Cozumel, characteristics and marine life.     

Diving on Cozumel: Day Trip from Playa del Carmen

Be sure to book your dive excursion directly in Cozumel. Providers in Playa del Carmen work with the local dive shops on Cozumel and often charge commissions of more than 30% for the same dive trip. Save the expensive commissions and book your dives in advance and online directly on Cozumel. Do not wait with the booking until your arrival, because then you may not get a seat on the dive boats and you will lose a lot of valuable holiday time. We are happy to help you to plan your diving trip from Playa del Carmen. Here we provide detailed information on how to get to Cozumel.  

With the cruise ship on Cozumel: Shore excursion diving

If you come to visit us on a cruise ship, it depends on your arrival time, if you can take part in our Cozumel diving excursions. Contact us to arrange your Cozumel diving.

Night Dive on Cozumel: A magic adventure with octupus and lobsters

Night dive Cozumel

Night dive Cozumel

A night dive on Cozumel is a very special experience. Depending on the season, it starts between 06:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Of course you can do a night dive on Cozumel as part of a day trip from Playa del Carmen. Because the last ferry to Playa del Carmen leaves only at 10:00 pm.
By boat we will go to a beautiful and shallow reef and drift with the current. With waterproof flashlights we will discover many sea creatures that come out of their shelter to look for food. They often include lobsters, squids and giant crabs. Depending on the lunar and current conditions, we may also see bio-luminescence. These are small particles of light in organisms that start to glow in the dark when the water moves. Just in case you respect the dark water, inform your divemaster. He will be happy to stay close to you and give you a sense of security.

 The Cozumel night dive includes

  • 1 night dive from the boat
  • 1 Scuba tank
  • Experienced dive master, english speaking
  • Entry fee to the national park
  • Equipment extra 15 USD rental fee for one day
  • Toarch extra 15 USD rental fee for one day
Price  63 USD. For  more information please send us a message.                    Enquiry

Cozumel Diving

Frequently asked questions about diving on Cozumel

Do I need a diving certification from PADI?

No, we accept all worldwide dive organizations as long as they are equivalent to the PADI ScubaDiver or PADI Open Water Diver standards. We do train according to PADI like most Cozumel diving schools. To check your diving certification, please contact us before your diving trip to Cozumel. 

You do not find your diver card? 

You cannot find your PADI card or the card of any other organization? That's often not a problem. Because with your full name and date of birth, we can track your training history at many diving organizations. Please contact us well ahead of your trip to Cozumel and allow us to check it for you. 

It has been a while since your last dive? 

In this case, we recommend a refresher course. In doing so, you will repeat the most important parts of your diving education in theory and practice. We explain the equipment, repeat hand signals and air consumption and discuss everything worth knowing. The practical part takes place under swimming pool conditions and we go through the exercises of your Open Water course again. Completely refreshed, you are perfectly prepared for your dives on Cozumel. When choosing the dive sites, we make sure that your first dive takes place under simple conditions. 

  You do not have any diving education yet or you would you like to continue your education?

Find out more about our range of diving courses on Cozumel. There you will definitely find a suitable diving course. And even if you are not looking for a certification or do not have enough time for it you can discover the underwater world on Cozumel as part of our Cozumel trial dive. 

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