Cozumel Private Tour: Explore Cozumel

Cozumel Private Tour: Explore Cozumel


Cozumel private tours

The best way to discover Cozumel in just one day is a Private Tour Cozumel with a personal tour guide. Our guides know Cozumel from an early age and show Cozumel at its best. Many visitors have little time for their stay on Cozumel, as they come to visit us on a stopover during their cruise or from the mainland. But even if you are on Cozumel for several days, you will see the most beautiful places of the island during the Private Cozumel Island Tour. More than a thousand years of history in deserted Mayan ruins, secluded beaches, native wildlife with crocodiles and iguanas, beautiful underwater snorkeling and much more Mexican culture awaits you. You will get a beautiful insight into how local people live on Cozumel and in Mexico, their traditions and history.

The Private Tour Cozumel can also be rendered towards special needs like walking difficulty, wheelchair accessibility and any other special need. Please contact us for an individually designed private tour on Cozumel.

Discover the Best of Cozumel during a Private Cozumel Tour


Private Tour on Cozumel: Mayan Ruins

Private Tour on Cozumel: Mayan Ruins

Many visitors reach Cozumel for one day. Whether from the mainland or the cruise ship, the first stop is the city of San Miguel de Cozumel. If you stay there, you miss the most beautiful places on the island of Cozumel. Beaches, nationl parks and Mayan ruins can only be reached by boat or by transport. On our private Cozumel tour we show the most beautiful places on the island of Cozumel. The private excursion on Cozumel can be arranged individually. This island has many hidden beauties only a local tour guide would know and share.

Our private excursion to Cozumel can be arranged according to a modular principle. While some are looking for the most beautiful beach and lots of nature on the island, others like to learn more about the Mayan culture and the history of Cozumel. That's why further down we suggest some nice stops, which are possible during our private Cozumel Tour. In brackets are the approximate stopp times to plan the private tour Cozumel better.


Our Cozumel Private Tour includes:  


  • Experienced taxi driver, English-speaking 
  • Modern taxi or van with air conditioning
  • At least 3 hours tour
  • Full flexibility, with as many stops as you like within the booked time
  • Maximum 10 participants per van
  • Water
  • Entrance fees, food and drinks are not included in the price  


Price for a 3 hous Private Tour on Cozumel


1-4 guests 140 USD, extra hour 30 USD

5 guests 180 USD, extra hour 35 USD

6-8 guests 270 USD, extra hour 45 USD

10 guests 330 USD, extra Stunde 50 USD

Full day VIP Service, max. 10 guests, 400 Dollar


For more information write us a message.         Enquiry

Possible stops during your Cozumel Private Island Tour 


Private Tour Cozumel

Private Tour Cozumel

Mayan Ruins and ancient culture

  • Maya ruins (small round aprox. 1 hour, big round aprox. 2,5 hours, entry fee 9,50 USD): Cozumel has many historic ruins and we visit the largest one which is open to the public. These ruins in San Gervasio are dated between 800 and 1500 AD and there are some beautiful temples as well as a place for public ceremonies. The island of Cozumel is dedicated to the important Mayan goddess Ix Chel, goddess of the moon and fertility. We only use local guides who, in addition to a lot of history, will tell one or two other anecdotes about the island
  • Museum of Isla Cozumel (1-2 hours, entrance fee 4 USD): Ample information about the history of Cozumel, the history of the Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula, the geography and the surrounding sea. Various halls cover these topics and give a deep and authentic insight into island life then and now.
  • Mayan village (about 1 hour, entrance fee 300 pesos): The Mayan village gives an insight into the local culture at the time as the Maya still inhabited the island of Cozumel. You get to know the goddess of the island Cozumel, Ix Chel, and learn how the Maya mastered the dangerous crossing to Cozumel from the mainland. In various theme huts, the knowledge of the Maya is explained in detail and you can also try different delicacies.
  • Former Mayan settlement (30 minutes stay, entry 3 USD) with a small ruin and a small church on the side

Nature and east side of Cozumel

  • Coastal road of the beautiful east coast of Cozumel with fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea: There is only one hotel on the east coast of Cozumel and very few bars, but a lot of nature and an absolute feeling of freedom. Put in as many stops as you want.
  • Fish restaurant with Catch of the day on a beautiful beach with natural pools and nice limestone formations at the east side of Cozumel
  • Playa San Martin (Stop for photos or beach break)
  • El Mirador Stop to enjoy a fresh coconut drink (stay around 15-30 minutes)
  • Punta Sur National Park (minimum 2 hours stay, $ 14 entry fee): The largest national park in Cozumel on land. A gravel road leads into this beautiful national park. You can watch crocodiles, climb gorgeous viewpoints, see the lighthouse and snorkel on the beautiful sandy beaches of the national park or simply enjoy the sun.

Downtown and Mexican Traditions

  • Tequila Ranch (about 30 minutes) A beautiful ranch with tequila tasting. Do you know the difference between Tequila and Mezcal, the two national drinks of Mexico? Why does the Mezcal contain a worm? We show how authentic tequila is made and then try one of the best tequilas in the country
  • Downtown San Miguel de Cozumel: Downtown San Miguel de Cozumel with its historic clock tower (built in 1910) and a beautiful church has many souvenir shops, tequila tasting and nice restaurants and bars. Here you can end a wonderful day perfectly. The day trip can be ended here or we bring you back to the starting point after a shopping stop.
  • Mercado in the city of San Miguel de Cozumel (stay 30 minutes): Experience a typical Mexican market with bustle, fruit and meat stalls. Here you can have excellent and super cheap breakfast or lunch, or browse through the many shops, where you can find one or two gifts.

West side of Cozumel

  • Natural beach with bar on the west side of Cozumel: In contrast to the more wavy beaches, the west side mostly offers shallow water and beautiful palm beaches.
  • Chankanaab National Park (at least 2 hours, $ 21 per person): Beautiful lagoon and a great beach for snorkeling off the coast. You can see crocodiles and there is a beautiful pre-Hispanic park with great Mayan replications.
  • Island round trip (Time for the ride around the island aprox. 1 hour)

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